Since 2015, I have been primarily responsible for the hardware, software, configuration security and support for the Douglas Research Center’s CIC and DNP reserach computing infrastructure. An infrastructure consisting of reliable, redundant storage, compute cluster, software module system and single-sign on system supporting over 50 users.

I have replicated variants of this configuration, in whole, or in part, at a number of research labs and facilities around the world including Germany, Switzerland, the USA and several locations in Ontario and Quebec.


I offer the following consulting services to support research labs and facilities:

  • Hardware specifications for servers and workstations for research:
    • Neuroimaging applications
    • Big data analysis
    • HPC
    • ML applications
  • Storage specification and configuration
    • Safe and secure data storage
    • Historical versioning
    • Multi-user access and permissions
  • Installation and configuration of clusters
    • SLURM
    • SGE
  • Software installation and configuration for reproducible science
    • lmod modules for software isolation
    • Multiple parallel software versions
    • Avoid accidental upgrades causing problems
  • Pipeline and Software optimization for HPC
    • Ensure optimial use of computing resources
  • Grant and computing resource application support
    • Provide appropriate justification for compute resources in grant applications
    • Benchmark scaling of pipelines and applications for big HPC
    • applications
  • Scientific software development
    • Implement custom software and pipelines based on your specifications
    • Containerization of software for distribution and reproducibility
    • Automated configuration of systems

Contact to discuss your unique computing needs. I offer both on-site and remote computing support. References are available upon request.